Company Profile  
  About Us    
  Citipoly Industries Incorporated (CII) is a plastic recycling business for 16 years.  We  specialize in  recycling of used PA (POLYAMIDE or NYLON)  materials into plastic pellets.  Our firm is also focus in recycling other  polymers such as LDPE  (LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE), HDPE (HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE), PP (POLYPROPYLENE) and convert  these into finished products  categorized as pellets and  pipes.   Other product that we carry is the PP plastic flakes.  

Citipoly Industries Incorporated (CII) started its operation  on March 10, 1992 in the city of Valenzuela.  The plant has a lot area of  3,280 square meters  and 1,440 square meters warehouse area.  

In a few short years, due to the availability of  our  products with competitive price and good quality in exportation, our company    established  a niche in the  plastic recycling industry.   Apparently, our emphasis on prompt and reliable service was paying off.  Now,  Citipoly Industries Incorporated is  well  recognized  in worldwide and one of the largest  nylon plastic recycling plant in the country.
  Citipoly did not just stop  on that highlight . We  realized  the higher demands of  customers and to satisfy their needs we decided to  maximize our  annual production capacity   from 3,000 MT  to 6,000 MT.   To meet  more  the continuous growing demand of customers , we acquired more warehouses, additional   equipments and machines. Today, Citipoly Industries Incorporated is equipped with  2 sets of  Pelletizing Machines, 3 sets of Cutter Machines, 3 sets Mixing Tank, 2 sets Vacuum Loader, 7 sets of Blow Moulding Machines, 1 set Big Crusher Machine and 1 set Small Crusher Machine.  As it turned out, our decision to expand was a good one.  We were able to accommodate the increasing volume of  orders  and at the same time we satisfied our customers for being responsive to their needs.  
  Aside from being responsive,  we also anticipated the future trend in plastic recycling industry,  that’s why  we added another plant.  This   year 2007 marked another milestone in our company as we expand and extend our  operation  into  our new  plant in Southern Philippines which is now known as Cycle Rich Summit Industries Incorporated.  It has  a lot area of  5,000 square meters and floor area of  2,500  square meters.  The plant are equipped with programmable machines that have   capabilities of controlling desired  quality of  our products  and continuous operation flow.   With this extension , we are very much prepare  to  higher needs of customers.  
  Through the years , Citipoly Industries Incorporated (CII)  continuously  explore,  and develop new products to satisfy the consumer’s changing market needs and also can compete in exported and imported recycled   plastic pellets and plastic pipes.   Citipoly has  always been optimistic about its plans to compete in the global arena.  It started with a vision becoming a reality turning to a commitment- a commitment to surpass customer expectations.  The formula great  products, quality service that is second to none, best people working as team and  most of all, a unified commitment through good leadership.  In global economy,  this formula is essential for survival that is why the company puts extra effort and dedication in every aspect of the business.   
  Our Commitments  
  Our products and services are based on continual improvement and innovation in the plastic technology to be the leader in the industry.  
  Citipoly Industries Incorporated  accepts the challenges of environmental concerns.   We have set up our own Wastewater  Facilities and Air Pollution Control Devices  to ensure that we’re not just a manufacturer but also a nature protectors.  
  We recognize our employees as individuals and are committed to nurturing their individual capabilities. We uplift the dignity of labor by encouraging our people to be the best in their fields. We are also committed in promoting a safety working place by giving proper training and necessary informations on safety in all areas  of operation to prevent the occurrence of accident, and to provide guidelines in establishing safety among the employees of Citipoly Industries Incorportaed.  
  In the manner of our business, we will be guided by what is ethical, reasonable and right. Citipoly is  believe in profit with honor and are committed to a high quality of services in all aspects and the highest moral standards.  
  Our Mission  
Is to provide  jobs to the people, to produce products that conform to our customer’s requirement and deliver them on time and at a competitive price.  Our name must present quality  to our vendors, ourselves, and to our customers.
  Our Vision  
  We shall strive for excellence in all endeavors.  We shall set our goals to achieve total customer’s satisfaction and to deliver quality competitive products on time.  To be the leading recycling manufacturing plant  for plastic products specifically nylon materials in Philippines .